Sparkly, Shiny, and Skimpy

By Pandora

I want to join the circus. I want to wear sparkly, shiny, skimpy clothes and do daring feats of strength that hundreds admire from afar, and run away from home. That pretty much describes the factors I look for when I choose a Halloween costume. It’s pretty ridiculous because I am 40 (Emily: at least you don’t look 40) and not 8, but I don’t care. I still love my world of imagination and anything that allows me to make that world real is awesome for me. I assume it is awesome for people who get to see me as well.

I believe my Halloween costume can inspire. I talk about it to everyone I meet. (Emily: Yes. Yes she does.) I talk about the process of choosing it and creating it and wearing it. I am not just describing a fun interest, I am proselytizing a world of childish imagination and showing people that even normal-seeming, old-ish women can still live out their wildest dreams. (Emily: I agree – I think that it is sadly common for grown ups to lose a sense of awe and wonder and excitement.)

For awhile I thought my dreams were dead. I have infertility and I thought having lots of children would make my dreams come true, but I was wrong. I have found new dreams and they are fabulous and they involve lots of sparkles. People always say they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up and I don’t either. I am making new dreams and resurrecting old ones, and joining the circus could still happen, at least for one night in October. And it will be sparkly, shiny, and skimpy.


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