The Devil’s Holiday

by Emily

When we were growing up, Halloween was “verboten”. It was, after all, THE DEVIL’S HOLIDAY. We turned off all our lights and went to bed early. It was a double whammy, since sugar was also banned in our house. I don’t recall missing Halloween, mainly because I spent the majority of my life in dress up clothes (Pandora: Did you dress up like you were from a conservative, religious cult? Emily: no, mainly we dressed up like we were living 200 years earlier. So, yes, I guess we were!!). It was a hard reality growing up, getting a job, paying bills, and…not dressing up anymore.

Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that if I dressed up for Halloween, nothing bad would happen. And I could dress up! Planning costumes for Halloween has become an obsession that occurs earlier and earlier each year. And it fulfills my soul to plan and create beautiful and extravagant costumes.

This year I am challenging myself with new textiles (Fosshape!!), fabrics (plastic coated lace!) and a corset. Sigh. It’s like that first sip of coffee in the morning, delicious and invigorating. (Pandora: But what are you going to be? Emily: stay tuned! That is for a different post!)


One thought on “The Devil’s Holiday

  1. I don’t remember the no Halloween because I remember lots of dressing up at your house, but I do distinctly remember the no sugar and the deep sorrow that brought me for your sake. 😉


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