Wardrobe Architect Project

Perhaps it’s my education*, perhaps it’s just me. It seems like once every couple years, I do a major overhaul on my closet, hyper analyzing everything I own. Then I try for a dramatically “new” look, which seems to be a variation on the last wardrobe, with different colors.

So, now I’m trying something new. Instead of overhauling and fixing what isn’t broke, I’m actually going to try to define my own style. I’m following the lead of this lady over here: http://www.coletterie.com/wardrobe-architect/wardrobe-architect-2015. She has a fabulous blog (especially if you like to sew). She did the wardrobe architect project last year, and I looked at it then. But I felt too overwhelmed/tired/unmotivated to do anything about it. This year, she added a twist: a challenge to make your own clothes.

At this point, I’m sure you have tuned me out. What the…? Did she say MAKE her own clothes? How much free time does she think she has?

Well, not much. But I have been thinking so much about how much of our lives rest on the backs of the less fortunate in third world countries. That cute top you got for $30? Someone just got paid pennies to make it, and some rich dude put $29 in his pocket (give or take. I’m no accountant.) Granted, if I’m buying fabric, someone (probably in a third world country) made that. But I don’t see myself growing cotton, raising sheep, and learning to spin and weave. But I can sew.

Now, I have no intention of making 30-some articles of clothing for myself. But I can make some statement pieces that I may not be able to find in a store. And I want to be more conscientious about what I do buy. I’m sure I will be buying stuff, but I am hoping for it to be minimal (tank tops, under garments, jeans, all the stuff I HATE sewing) And maybe I can be more conscientious about where I shop. If my goal is to only purchase a few random pieces, maybe I can afford to pay a bit more, and get it more ethically.** As for the sewing projects, my goal is to either repurpose stuff I don’t like, or alter stuff that doesn’t fit (if it’s at all reasonable), and then maybe sew one or two big statement pieces each season.

So, that’s the plan. The first step is to organize my thoughts in regards to what my style really is. Then, weed through my current wardrobe and see what fits, what fits my style, and what has to go. Then, I will plan out where my wardrobe is lacking, and what pieces I might need. Anyone care to join me? I’d love company on this journey.***

*I went to Kent State University Fashion School for my bachelors. I did part of my masters in theatre costume. I can (and have) sewn all kinds of crazy shit.

**this presupposes that I have done the research on where to purchase things more ethically. I haven’t. And I don’t really know where to start with that. So if you have a good idea, let me know!!!!

***YOU don’t have to sew if you want to join me on this journey. Unless you want to. But I would challenge you to think about reusing, repurposing, altering, or thrift store shopping if you can. Or see the note about, and do the research on where to buy ethical clothes.


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