Wardrobe Architect #1

By Emily

The Wardrobe Architect

History: how has personal history informed my dress? When did my tastes crystallize? How have they changed?
When I was four, my favorite dress was purple gingham with purple rosettes. Today I have purple hair. Purple still ignites a passion in me. It makes me happy. (Hence, the purple hair!) I also spent all of my formative years in skirts and avoiding pants. I spent a number of years in high school and college trying to both fit in and wear what I wanted. Fortunately, today’s styles of maxi skirts, leggings with tunics, etc, fits the bill as far as I am concerned.

Philosophy: how does philosophy, spirituality or religion affect aesthetics & buying habits?
Errr… I don’t wear nylons to church if I can help it ever since my friends mom yelled at us for not wearing nylons to church when we were in our early teens. Hehe. Otherwise, I can’t really think of anything that has shaped my style philosophically or spiritually.

Culture: how has cultural background shape they way I look? How did the aesthetics & values from growing up affect my taste today?
There was a great deal of dressing up, pretending to be from a different era. It instilled a sense of stealing the best of whatever era I like best.

Community: how does community affect me, including friends, family or other communities?
I teach sewing and drawing and do fittings often. I want to find a happy medium between comfortable enough to sit on the floor, and still stylish. I am lucky in that most of my activities call for outfits that fall in similar dressy-casual ranges. I rarely need an outfit that is excessively formal or excessively casual. Although I do fall in the evil mom trap of yoga pants. But I’m trying to stop that habit. Not that I think yoga pants are bad. I just think they should be saved for yoga class. Just like I really don’t wear swimsuits unless I’m planning on getting wet.

Activities: how do my daily activities influence my choices?
Well, I’m a mom. I have a 3.5 and 1.5 year old boys. I’m lucky to get through breakfast without being covered in yogurt. Need I say more?

Location: how does location & climate factor in?
Winters are cooooolllllld around here. And summers are warm, but the temperature changes can be drastic for air conditioning to outdoors. Layering is very important for all seasons. I’m trying to find and layer pieces that can cross over multiple seasons. Like a medium to lightweight cardigan that could be worn over a tank for summer, or over a long sleeve shirt and tank for a winter day.

Body: what clothes make me feel good about my body? What clothes make me feel uncomfortable or alienated from my body?
Clothes that move well, flowy, drapey, or have a nice hand (i.e., the fabric feels nice) make me feel beautiful. Picking one amazing statement piece (shoes, earrings, jewelry, etc) makes me feel sexy, but not over the top. Short skirts and shorts make me self-conscious, and I feel like I am suffocating if I wear a turtleneck.

Ok, there is my homework. Anyone else complete week one? Did anything jump,out at you as you thought through the questions? I would love to hear your thoughts if you want to share.

Again, I am following the Wardrobe Architect project here: http://www.coletterie.com/wardrobe-architect/week-1-making-style-more-personal

Week #1 assignment is right here: http://media.coletterie.com/projects/wardrobe-architect-worksheet-01.pdf


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