Wardrobe Architect week #2

The Wardrobe Architect

By Emily

What styles feel like me?
Historically, I am most drawn to the 1930s. The sinuous lines, the drape of the fabric, the new freedom of clothing with shorter hems and pants, the glamorous details of collars, cuffs, buttons, and the hats. And the hair. And the makeup.

How do I feel in my favorite clothes?
I feel confident. Happy. Colorful. Striking.

How do I feel in something not right?
Itchy, like a tag that needs to be cut out. Uncomfortable, as if I had forgotten an important detail.

Who are my style icons and why?
Schiaparelli, for her quirky sense of humor and practicality. Audrey Hepburn, for her classic elegance.

What styles do I like in theory and why are they not for me?
I love the idea of preppy clothes, or classic styles, like Jackie O. But they are too structured for me. Too formal.

15 words that sum up my answers from week #1:
1. Purple
2. Comfortable
3. Costume/dress up
4. Stylish
5. Casual
6. Colorful
7. Striking
8. Flowing
9. Drapery
10. Layers
11. Statement pieces
12. Costume jewelry
13. Happy
14. Skirts
15. Elegant

Other words I would use to describe me:
Creative, edgy, open minded, artistic

3-5 words that define ME:
1. Colorful/purple
2. Stylish
3. Comfortable/casual
4. Elegant
5. Creative

Stay tuned: up next will be a minor detour as I lay out the most common style names and definitions. Hopefully it will help with searching for images.